The patent attorneys at Gallagher & Dawsey Co. LPA developed as a place to share the intellectual property tools we develop to make your life easier. The patentMarvel team of patent lawyers is constantly creating new i.p. tools and will make them available to you as soon as they are fully tested.

The patentMarvel's PDFinducer tool allows you to view and download US patents and published patent applications as PDF's. Simply input the US patent number or US publication number and let patentMarvel do the rest. If you would like to create multiple PDF's at one time just separate the numbers with semicolons.

Version 2.0 incorporates new patent tools such as a Patent Term Calculator, a Patent Claim Chart Generator, and a Patent Claim Tree Generator. Additionally, a unique toolbar appears at the top of the screen when a user is viewing a PDF that allows the user to quickly search the assignment records and view the maintenance payments via the bibliographic records link. We invite you to spend some time on the site and click on the various tools, you may be surprised by what you find.

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